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In the old days (1970’s), when kebabs first made their appearance in UK chip shops, they were very simply minced meat with added herbs and spices.


As food manufacturing has evolved, new technologies have changed the way our kebabs are processed.


Some manufacturers have completely automated their factories and how a kebab looks and tastes, is completely dependent on the manufacturing process used to make it.


Which is best?


Well, thats completely down to you. There is a huge divide in opinion amongst the Chip shop community of which method is best.

You may prefer the traditional handmade authentic looking kebabs, or you may prefer the smooth consistent look of the machine made products. There are pros and cons to both types of kebab, but one things for sure, we sell lots of both and can help point you in the right direction.

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We have developed the most comprehensive doner kebab catalogue available, making it easier for you to understand what your kebab is made of.

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Authentic Taste

The Authentic Taste is an all lamb, handmade kebab with a traditional Turkish influence. The Authentic Taste is subtly spiced with onions, salt, pepper with an extra herb kick.






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